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on the ground. we'll bring you more when we have it. >> kelly: all right. meantime the u.s. and its allies are moving in to try and end the violence against civilians in libya. president obama describing the effort today during his trip to brazil. >> and people of libya must be protected and in the absence of the immediate end to violence against civilians, our coalition is prepared to act and act with urgency. >> kelly: joining us now doug schoen, and gentlemen, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> kelly: it's a fluid situation as you heard secretary of the state clinton talk about. the president, while he's talking about it still has not defined what the strategic objective in libya, other than he wants gaddafi to be held accountable and out. so is he making that case very clear? >> i don't think he is, kelly. i think it's a positive development that the president has said that we will support the coalition efforts and the french efforts to oust president gaddafi or colonel gaddafi. i think it's positive that he's enforcing the no-fly zone and reports the international effort
for the u.s. relief effort underway. this is the 3rd marine brigade leaving the marine core station in okinawa, headed to coordinate with the rest of the u.s. forces. and here is the coordination taking place and helicopters from the u.s.s. ronald reagan have done 20 missions to and from japanese ships and food and supplies to three different towns and that's a lot the u.s.s. ronald reagan arrived yesterday and will continue to help out with search and rescue in the area for the days to come. back to you guys. >> alisyn: peter doocy, thank you so much. even for the people who survived this horrible event, the tsunami, they're far from out of the woods. there are roeports that 1.4 million households have been without water since the quake struck and 2 1/2 million households are without lek trysts. >> clayton: the numbers keep going up. earlier in the show, 200,000 people evacuated according to nhk, the public broadcasting company there in japan. 380,000 people have been evacuated to emergency, emergency shelters and many of those shelters, alisyn, as you were pointing out. don't have
missiles we were talking about yesterday were just the first wave and now u.s. aircraft have joined the fight and the b-2 stealth bombers dropped 40 mo bombs on a libyan airfield. and the u.s. fighter jets have joined in the vite and marine corps harrier jets. they're participating, as well. what cleared the way was the u.s. navy and they were firing 114 tomahawk missiles from war ships just off the coast. and forces were to take out gaddafi's air system. fa-5 surface to air missiles and early warning and communications. they had targets along the coast and u.s. officials tell us that's the defense system has been disabled. this morning, there has been anti-aircraft gunfire first in tripoli. it's in the soviet era equipment, but similar to what iraq had and can indeed take out a plane. within the hour, gaddafi went on state television, you guys have been talking about it, the government will be victorious, every man is armed. the last man goes down and the women will take over and also reporting that air strikes have killed 48 people and we cannot confirm that, that's coming from st
are still feeling after shocks, including chris barnes, a u.s. student studying in japan and joins us now on the phone. can you hear me. >> i can hear you, kelly, good afternoon. >> kelly: you sound loud and clear. good afternoon to you as well. you're still feeling after shocks there? >> indeed i am. we've been having aftershocks, two to three an hour, since the first quake struck. >> kelly: where are you staying right now, trent? >> at the moment i'm in tokoyo, in my apartment on top of my building on the 12th floor and i would say compared to the ground floor, the shaking is stronger up here. >> kelly: you can feel the swaying and it's got to make you feel uncomfortable? >> well, look, i grew up in los angeles and i experienced the 1994 north ridge earthquake and it absolutely pales in pair son, the north ridge earthquake compared to what i experienced in tokoyo. >> kelly: how many people here in the united states recall the north ridge earthquake in 1994. as you were saying and this one is far worse. and we've seen the devastation hereof the tsunami. were you a witness to any of that?
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war looms over the troubled nation. and the u.s. sees a rise in gas and oil. is the press pressing our president for answers? >> i am charlie sheen... >> charlie sheen takes the melt down to the media and the media [ male announcer ] 100 crisps in every can. ♪ 100 ways to enjoy pringles. ♪ ♪ and they're the same price ashe leading bag chips. 100 crisps... 100 ways. ♪ everything pops with pringles. prichlt -- >> president barack obama: the violence must stop, muammar qaddafi has lost legitimacy to lead and must lead. those who perpetrate violence against lybian people will be held accountable. and the aspirations of libyan people for freedom, democracy an dignity, must be met. >> president obama, this week, commenting on the situation in lybia, which is only getting worse. it is also having an effect in the country, triggering rising gas an oil prices. i want to you hear what jonah goldberg, a conservative columnist wrote in "usa today," obama's libya response lacks courage and direction, and he writes, president obama's response to events in the middle east, particularly in lib
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, ladies and gentlemen i've made it clear for what it's worth i oppose yun lateral usa or u.s.-led action against gaddafi. now, the united nations voted and now, arab league says they're n now, dye is cast. we're in this fight. i'm with the president and coalition 100% z i hope they kick the dictators ass, believe me. but nobody thinks this is going to be quick or easy. remember baghdad, 2003. you know? two weeks to get to baghdad and eight years later we're still there. lots gf people goring to die before gaddafi ends up as he surely will, on the garbage heap of history. remember ca st. tro, he's still around. we hope he's going end up in the garage heap of history. as long as gaddafi is in there we have to resist temptation to take the lead just because we're better at it than our allies are. our fleet will do their thing with their superb military to support the no fly zone. i think it's really the allies turn to take the point. i appreciate they were british and french pilots risking lives for their national interest today, not ours that, is it. thanks for watching. stay tuned to fox
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)